Thai massage is a unique style of massage based upon the principles of compasion. It is an amaizing synthesis of many techniques-leaning pressure, reflexology, energy line work, blood stopping, streching, and yoga.To achieve all of these effects, tcherapists use more parts of their body like palms, thumbs, feet, elbows, forearms and knees. the receiver is moved throught a wide variety of postures within five positions: supine, side lying, prone, inverted and sited.

Thai Yoga massage expresses care and kindness in a way that is so direct that it can be absorbed immediately!!!


* Reduce stress
* Reduce pain
* Reduce swelling
* Increase blood circulation
* Increase lymphatic circulation
* Facilitate the removal of toxins
* Increase joint mobility
* Improve flexibililyty
* improve body symmetry
* Increase energy flow