Eco Spirit Camp aim to teach children art and respect the nature, all in a funny relaxed atmosphere.
They influence a development of children’s imagination to help them grow, being responsible and careful.
As they play with art, horses nature they learn many interesting things about environment and how to protect it, they realize that what they do how can change their future. Protecting the environment is easy – it is real fun for children to discover that they can save the nature, handcraft something, planting, coking them own lunch and founding yourself surrounded by nature.

I think that is a wonderful IDEA to spend the summer weeks learning new creative styles and share work with friends and family.

Summer Program in TARIFA

There will be attractions for all of you to enjoy.

Eco Weekends Family starts at 11am (arriving time). From 12 pm untill 5pm there are workshops, with a break for lunch.
Before lunch, children make their own pizza, so parents can have delicious meal altogether with kids..
Scheduled workshops include – pony riding, eco art, some gardening and joga.
If we have time we go for a walk to a small waterfall a short distance away from my finca, so everyone can cool off in cold water.
We also have some small pool to enjoy.

camp in Gibraltar

Eco Art Gibraltar, Wild Live Alameda Garden
Start from 13th of July – Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday – Time – 10 am till 1pm
Price 10 pounds per sesion
If you book more days and pay in advance price is 8 pounds per session