Lets spend full moon night together in Eco Spirit Tarifa
Main subject:

Sound Journey with Tibetan singing bowls

Join the Full Moon event to take the relaxing bath in the sounds of Tibetan singing bowls with soft spoken guided creative visualization.
Just lie down comfortably with eyes closed, listen…and enjoy this refreshing experience of imaginary sound journey.
We gonna start with Sunset Yoga!
Food: veggie snacks from our eco garden.
Entrance: donation 10 euro
Bring with you drinks and good mood.
Musical instruments are more than welcome.

What is a Blue Moon?

The modern day definition of a Blue Moon is when there are 2 full moons in one Month. A full moon occurs roughly every 29.5 days and on the rare occasions when the full moon falls at the very beginning of a month there is a good chance a Blue Moon will occur at the end of the month.

The full moons are signs of transformation and power. Many individuals will feel irritated due to the gravitational pull of the moon around the Earth and sun. This usually occurs 5 days before the full moon and 5 days after the energy slowly become intense. A couple of days before the full moon, usually two to three, the vitality begins to change and is reflected as the “Waxing” stage. Thus, the moon moves more behind the Earth and the Sun’s sparkle makes it look like a large white spot in the sky (sometimes blue or red depending upon the season).