5 days camp for kids
23/29 August

Age- 7-14
Learn, discover, grow
This summer help your child discover new things
To become eco-conscious

To register for a camp, do call Ania 00350540243214 or send us e-mail

Eco Spirit Summer Camp
Our unique summer camps offer a natural living experience and exceptional outdoor education. We are here to provide Basic Living and Environmental Education experiences which help boys and girls become balanced people. Our campers learn to make what they need for wilderness comfort. We believe learning should be fun.

We also provide quiet time for reflection where youth can gain a deeper understanding of themselves and their relationships with others.
Domes shared by campers and instructors put us in close contact with the beautiful surrounding nature.

A Camper’s Day
A day may include a riding horses, walk to a waterfall or beautiful vistas, creating unique eco arts of function and beauty, gathering wood for kitchen and to prepare our lunch, playing games of interaction and laughter, and quiet time to take notice of our natural surroundings. Our day may end sharing stories, songs and dancing.

General Program Activities
Some of activities available at Eco Spirit
Eco Art – workshops aimed to help children discover and create new ways of art, combining their ideas with green art, introducing them into the world of drawing, painting, sculpture, all in the best way… by contact with the nature.
Young crafters learn about separating paper from plastic, tin or glass, and how to recognize an international recycling symbols printed on packaging. When they return home, they ‘spread the word’ around family and friends, little by little channeling the community at large towards reusing and recycling.
They also learn that what they give to nature, will come back to them. They are encouraged collect pebbles, shells, twigs and leaves, which make excellent base materials for their artwork.
During the workshops we use recycled materials (disposable items) and teach children how to change them into useful products again.
Horse riding – activities when children get to know horses behavior, build real bonds of friendship and trust. Spending time with horses helps them to calm down an chill. The energy is really magical, building self-confidence, strengthening personality and solving some of health problems. During these activities children learn how to concentrate, take responsibility and treat animals with love.
Other workshops and educational programs – gardening&planting, cooking and baking, nature exploring walks, yoga, environment lectures, recycling, dance classes, reading. The list constantly grows.

During the camp children will chose workshops from the list:
Let’s grow!
Children through contact with soil and plants, learn about the entire maturation cycle which occurs in nature, from seed to vegetables, fruits or flowers.
During the classes they prepare the ground for planting and learn about natural methods of planting, compost and how it is formed, where the seeds come from and how they grow into fruits and vegetables.
Another part of the course is preparing your own meals, when children learn how to bake bread, make eco pizza, become more aware of what to eat to be healthy and independent.

Food Matters
Workshop on healthy eating. Students will find out what they should look for when purchasing food, which food makes you stronger and which weakens the body. Decipher labels on food packaging and jointly will prepare a delicious healthy snack.
They learn to understand how important role in our lives plays a healthy diet.


Close to the Nature
The classes, during which we will focus on getting to know our environment. While wandering through the countryside, children learn about different plants and learn which are edible and how to use them.
Tracking animal footprints or lying on the grass and staring at the sky, we listen to the sounds of nature. Children learn about birds, mammals and insects. Part of the course is also a survival course – how to cope on a desert island, how to build shelter, find food, build a fire, the base orientation in the field.
During the year, they will be introduced, adapted to the seasons. Small Projects.

During classes, children learn how to read signs and other markings that can be found on the packaging of various kinds of products. They will learn why it is important to read what is on the packaging or label.
The energy of the earth
During the course we learn about renewable and non-renewable sources of energy. The impact of various ways of energy production on the environment and dangers of using the one produced from fossil fuels. Students become aware of the need to save energy and learn easy ways to consume less energy in everyday life.

Lessons in the forest
During the course the students will realize the importance of forests for human and environment, learn about natural, cultural, material functions of forests, recognize products whose production depends on the use of forest resources. Students are introduced to the concept and the problem of deforestation and understand its causes, as well as looking for ways to protect forests. The aim of the course is to develop appropriate consumer habits related to the use of paper and wood items.

The Blue Planet – water is all around us
The course aims to raise awareness of the problem of drinking water scarcity worldwide and the need to conserve water and the avoidance of it in everyday life. We will consider why the Earth is called the blue planet, the students watch the show, which shows how little we have fresh water (proportions of fresh and salt water on Earth). Students learn how much water we use every day for various activities, like the way we can save and what to do to the least polluting it.

Ecology in town
Classes on ecology in everyday life, at home and at school. The classes allow you to realize the enormous importance of the way of life of each of us for state of the environment (saving water, energy, eco-friendly shopping, transport, waste).

What to do with the mountain of garbage?
Classes show garbage problem, as a result of excessive consumption and show how to tackle the problem through the application of the 3Rs (reduce, reuse, recycle). The affordable and an evocative form of present data on the amount of rubbish generated in our homes and how we propose to solve this problem.

From the horse to the rocket – sustainable transport
Classes focusing on the problem of communication, excessive traffic in the city and its consequences for the environment and man. Together, we will consider what means of transport is the most environmentally friendly.

Everyday bag
Each of us comes to shopping, which often end up being brought into the home of tens of disposable plastic bags, which after a while end up in trash. During the course, students will consider what is best to bring purchases from the store. They will compare several different bags the terms of the raw material from which they are made, durability, aesthetics, comfort, price and environmental impact. It turns out that an essential element of green purchasing is durable, lightweight, reusable bag, for example, preferably cotton or linen. This is precisely the cotton bag, students will be able to paint according to their wishes, prepare a unique gift for mum, grandfather or friend. We provide a smooth bag with bright fabrics and all the utensils for painting, for older students also add-ons for sewing.

Who needs water?
The aim of the workshop is the youngest visualization importance of water for human life and other organisms. Lecturers with a fun show and explain to the children the need to conserve water. Through workshops children learn about the problem of water pollution and its consequences for nature.

What is in the air?
By participating in the workshop, children can understand what is air, how important it is for the life of humans and animals. What is wind? Does air can be closed? What is colour? What smell? What shape? With properly designed experiments and amusements children alone I will answer all these questions.

From seeds to plants
The workshop, in which children in an unusual way familiarize themselves with the seed: immersed in them, taste, sniff, touch, listen and finally performing arts mandalas. They learn at the same symbolism of the mandala and wonder why nature creates the seeds, how seeds move. At the end of sow radishes, lavender or watercress.

How to love animals
During the course we will not deposit those who rejoice the sympathy of most of us. We reflect on why some creatures awaken in us the fear, disgust or revulsion. The aim of the workshop is to highlight the richness of the animal world and its diversity, showing the fascinating features animals reputed to be popular, and eliminating bias to these animals

Happy hens, better eggs
The first part of the workshop is to encourage an informed purchase eggs, selecting eggs from organic farming or free range. The second section is the importance of eggs in culture, students learn about the symbolism of eggs and traditions associated with them, decorate the egg.

Responsible Animal keeper
The classes are aimed at making clear their participants enormity of the responsibility that is associated with the decision about having an animal. During the workshops seek to answer the following questions: Why do we want to have a pet? What kind of animal feels well at home with man? What conditions should it provide? How much time and money we will have to save? Whether the animal is a good idea for a gift? Participants of the workshop will work on the characterization responsible guardian of the animal.

Green Meadow
Participants of the workshop, equipped with magnifying glasses as researchers uncover the mysterious nature big world of tiny creatures and plants. The workshop allows children to draw attention to the great wealth of the natural world, to the tiniest traces of life … Workshops “What’s hot?”, “Meadow colours”. Season: spring, summer, autumn

Nature shots
Learning to observe nature with a camera in hand. Documenting different species of plants and animals. Joint creation of the album Alcornocales Park. During classes, children learn the basic techniques of photography.

Green cinema
Watching documentaries about nature and the environment. The transmission of information on the state of pollution and finding solutions.

The green curtain
Once a year, creating the spectacle of environmental protection. Through workshops, children will acquire a lot of knowledge that will be able to convey in an attractive form peers and adults.

Let’s sing and dance!
Fun with music and dance, always helps us better understand our body and emotions. By creating its own instruments, children learn the culture of distant lands and learn to imitate the sounds of nature as they are brought close to her even more.
What is the best place to read? Under the tree!
Reading books related to nature and the emotions of a small human stories about how life began, what it is evolution. Searching for answers to the most difficult and the most important of questions.
Friends of the trees

Why be a friend of the trees?
The workshop aims to familiarize children how the tree is built. In addition, the activities were constructed in such a way that children show that the trees acting factory oxygen are necessary for human life and other organisms. The aim of the workshop is to draw attention to the need to protect the youngest of trees that are a refuge for many animals and an indication of behaviours that should be avoided because of the good trees. Due to the treatment region finds itself in Eco Spirit Natural Park of the Acornocales will be introduced classes – how a stopper, to which we can use it and see the whole process of removing the old tradition of the cork from the trees by local residents.

Hello stars 🙂
After creating a small planetarium in one of the domes, the children will be able to observe the sky, imagine how distant galaxies and looked creation of the world.

Busy Ant
Observing the life of ants and organize their community. The science of insects.