The Story of Eco Spirit Tarifa

Everyone needs to go away sometimes, to the place where they can feel safe, welcome and at ease with themselves. We used to say – to recharge batteries, but isn’t better to say something more natural? Let’s say – a place where you can find your soul and be yourself again.
Ania, Eco Spirit Tarifa founder says: I’ve been searching long for myself. I’ve been to many places, learned about life, art, cultures, worked in England, Poland, Gibraltar and Spain. I searched until I found an eco art – something that connected art and environment in my heart. After few years of teaching eco art in Gibraltar and Spain, I felt I was ready for another challenge. That’s when I found a place I fell in love with – my LAND and my HOME, and I called it Eco Spirit.

My idea is to create a safe place for children, where they can play and explore the nature, learning how to understand and take care of the environment, all in a relaxed atmosphere during different workshops.

I hope10419716_10152028603040989_254230860_n to make Eco Spirit place to remember, where children are treated with respect and feel understood, where they can come closer to the nature and to themselves.
Providing kids with the opportunity to explore the world of art and nature, Eco Spirit is trying to open their young minds to the greatest of gifts … CREATIVITY!



Some of activities available at Eco Spirit
Eco Art – workshops aimed to help children discover and create new ways of art, combining their ideas with green art, introducing them into the world of drawing, painting, sculpture, all in the best way… by contact with the nature.
Young crafters learn about separating paper from plastic, tin or glass, and how to recognise an international recycling symbols printed on packaging. When they return home, they ‘spread the word’ around family and friends, little by little channelling the community at large towards reusing and recycling.
They also learn that what they give to nature, will come back to them. They are encouraged collect pebbles, shells, twigs and leaves, which make excellent base materials for their artwork.
During the workshops we use recycled materials (disposable items) and teach children how to change them into useful products again.
Horse riding – activities when children get to know horses behaviour, build real bonds of friendship and trust. Spending time with horses helps them to calm down an chill. The energy is really magical, building self-confidence, strengthening personality and solving some of health problems. During these activities children learn how to concentrate, take responsibility and treat animals with love.
Other workshops and educational programs – gardening&planting, cooking and baking, nature exploring walks, yoga, environment lectures, recycling, dance classes, reading. The list constantly grows.
The future plans comprises of introducing workshops for adults i.e. yoga, meditation, and implementing Eco programs into local schools, as well as Clean Up The World event in Tarifa.
Eco Spirit as an educational program
For me Eco Spirit is not only a beautiful place, where you can come back to find a balance of body mind and soul. I have it mind because we all need time to reflect, breath consciously again, calm and find peace in ourselves, but…
I always thought of Eco Spirit as about more educational project, where we and our children can find answers, how to live respecting the nature, other cultures and ourselves, as we are the part of it. Open ourselves to the whole world, meaningful ways of life, with its natural forces, conditions and rhythms.
Despite different priorities in life, we all would like to take care of our children and the world around them, just to make it the best place to live.

Wouldn’t it be great to be able to come to the place where we can share our concerns, thoughts, hopes and find the solutions?